Emily’s independent choreographic work is rooted in an articulate, viscous and sensual physicality, with repeating themes questioning individuals’ connection to place and identity.

It can be intense, physicality demanding work, crafted and performed with a sensitivity that draws an audience in, quietly encouraging them to loose themselves in the rich movement and physical ideas bought to life by the dancers and artist’s she works closely with.

Emily works in collaboration with dancers, filmmakers, musicians and photographers from across the UK. Her past work has been supported by Falmouth University, Plymouth Dance and The Barbican Theatre (Plymouth) and performed in theatres, festivals and sites including a bamboo forest at Trebah Gardens, artists studios at Hay Studio and next to the wilds of the Atlantic Ocean at the iconic stone open air theatre at The Minack.

Wavering Down ( 2017 ) Coming Soon
Short dance film shot on location to the track by Bristol based folk band Three Cane Whale. Made in collaboration with filmmaker Brett Harvey the film will be projected alongside a series of commissioned shorts by various artists as a back drop during a live performance in early April.

For My Sister ( 2016 )
Dance For Camera short. A secret message to my sister Lucy, shot by filmmaker Brett Harvey

I, We, Us ( 2016 )
Freefall Dance commission from Spindrift Dance Collective

The Crucible ( 2016 )
Movement creation for Cube theatre in collaboration with Rosanna Elliot (Dir.)

Effete ( 2015 )
Created as part of Freefall’s Awakening triple bill, with sound by composer Sophy Smith (Motionhouse)

Don’t Trust the Ground ( 2013 )
Commission from Falmouth University Dance & Choreography undergraduates; “your limbs are so heavy…it’s like they’re full of rain” Caitlin Moran, Moranthology. The piece used an article extract, and the idea of repression and hope as starting points to create a series of duets, solo’s and quartets to explore the space.

Breathe ( 2010 )
Short Dance for Camera project shot by Brett Harvey

Dance for Camera short in collaboration with Brett Harvey. Shot in 52 different locations across Cornwall and Devon with stylised editing and film techniques. A reaction to questioning where ‘home’ truly is

Face ( 2009 )
An independent solo with original music by violinist Patrycja Kujawska (Vincent Dance, Kneehigh)
A solo which unravels as the dancer quietly, violently and articulately fights for physical freedom

For the Fallen ( 2005 )
Created in collaboration with costume designer Claire Armitadge. An intimate and haunting duet based on a poem written by a soldier to his son in WW2. Performed at Trebah Gardens as part of Cscape’s Landing’s production

Photo Montage

Image Effete Steve Tanner